Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am so excited to share these!!!!

For Christmas this year, and for years to come, I would like to make Miabella (and any other kiddies I may have) 2 handmade Christmas Presents to go along with the rest.

Saturday while Miabella napped and John was chilling watching tv I went into my office/craft room to make some fun stuff. What seemed like hours alone only ended up being 1.5 hours. So in under 2 hours I made the cutest felt food EVA!!

This will go with the new wood kitchen my mom is getting her for Christmas. The plastic one she had is now going on craigslist.

If you are at all intimidated by doing this.. don't be. Other than my 2 semesters of sewing in high school, some 15 years ago, I haven't really sewed much since. This is soooooooooooo easy.

I basically cut shapes freehand out of felt (2 pieces per item) and sewed around the edges. I stuffed some of the pieces like the donuts and egg yolks with poly-fil. That's it!!! I didn't even try to match the thread color. I used the same beige for all of them.

Can I just say I LOVE them. My favorites are the eggs and bag of chips. John really likes the bacon. They are sooooooooo much cuter in real life.

Since I made breakfast, lunch and desserts all that is left is dinner... that one should come together just as easy.

I will share the dinner once I am done.

2 eggs
2 slices of bacon
1 pancake with butter

Bag of chips

Parts of the Sandwich:
2 Slices of bread
2 Slices of lunch meat
2 Slices of tomatoes
1 Slice of cheese
1 Slice of onions
1 leaf of lettuce

5 yummy donuts:
3 Chocolate
2 Vanilla

2 Popsicles

1 Carrot

P.S. no my plates are not dirty... they are just scratched up from actually eating off of them! ;)


  1. That could NOT be any cuter. Wow! If I hadn't just bought 95 pieces of plastic food from Target... LOL. Any plans on making a second set for a Friday giveaway? ;)

  2. How cute are they! I may have to file away that idea for next Christmas or just because. I've been eyeing the knitted food on eBay but couldn't justify the cost. I never thought about making them out of felt!

  3. I love these Patri. They might be one of the most fun things you have created recently. And, I'm surprised that you were able to make them so quickly. Miabella will love them. Great job. Love you.

  4. Those are SO cute!!! You did an AMAZING job on them. They look SO real:)

  5. wow i love those!!!! i'm so jealous mine would never even lok like food!:) your LO is very lucky!!